toucan is all about discovery

toucan was born, if not came screaming into this world at the height of social-distancing in 2020. We have been suddenly given this renewed responsibility for this project after seemingly the immediate prospects of using public transportation has been hailed.

Started off on third party market-places, we founded toucan with years of experience in supplying high quality push scooters with a tonne of passion. From version 1.0 to almost version 20.0, we approach it with such an open mind and are so pleased to finally present a robust model which has been perfected from innovating and adapting to your invaluable customer feedback.

We've always had such a strong creative energy and vision for toucan. We’ve always imagined this surreal fantasy that toucan could take pleasure in creating for you. It won’t be just a mode of transportation that is equipped with an arsenal amount of fun, but an experience of detachment from everything else, a bit of escapism.

toucan determines to shake some sense into a seemingly monochromatic industry with effervescent colour and liveliness. We fuse travel, design and style through push scooters. In a sea of black and white, we wish to become a groundswell of colour and style that the world had been waiting for.

Most importantly, we've designed our kick scooters to be used and abused, not put on a shelf or folded in some dusty corner. They’re made to be your trusty sidekick riding with you through thick and thin as you charge on your life with absolute full speed.